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Dry Ice Blasting Equipment

Dry Ice Blasting Equipment

Nowadays dry ice is considered one of the most effective approaches of industrial cleaning. It is commonly referred to as dry ice cleaning or CO2 cleaning. Owing to its effectiveness this process has indeed become a vital part of the cleaning process in numerous industries. It would usually hand-down a much superior cleaning process as being compared to solvent wiping, sand, bead or soda blasting etc.

This is a safe approach– This sort of cleaning is a totally safe solution for cleaning equipment and it is used in food processing manufacturing, automotive, printing, packing, foundry and so on. It would offer a better clean by using solid CO2 pellets. These CO2 pellets convert it directly from solid blast to CO2 vapour during the cleaning process. This, in turn, will leave no residue, so no need of massive after cleaning approach that is required while other cleaning processes.

Some more important reasons why Dry Ice Blasting Equipment is gaining acceptance across all industries:

Dis-assembling of equipment– Dis-assembling of equipment that has to be cleaned is not required which decreases the possibility of any such damage to the equipment. You need to make sure that there is no unforeseen injury to the workers of Dry Ice Cleaning Equipment while executing the former.

Time-saving option– It is indeed a time-saving option for the users and it decreases downtime to a significant extent. This is, of course, a huge reprieve for the production department. The results of dry ice cleaning are anytime superior to other cleaning approaches. The areas which are hard to reach by brushes and chemicals can easily be taken care of by this approach.

Dry Ice blasting equipment is portable and it can easily be moved from one particular place to another. This in turn also implies an added advantage for minimal storage space.

It is also an eco-friendly option of cleaning. It does not become a toxic waste and disposing of it is not at all a problem like with other cleaning solvents.