Blaster Accessories


We can assist with all the additional accessories that you may require.

We highly recommend the use of after-coolers especial when using a portable diesel compressor. I high humidity locations, airbourne water is your greatest enemy and can severely damage your blaster. Talk to us about a solution today.

We can supply competitive quotes on “Sullair” compressors and can recommend and and match a unit best suited to your applications. We also have compressors available for hire.

Our recently developed “Polar Plus” system enables a small percentage of abrasive material to be added to the dry ice flow and this can assist in removing more stubin contaminants. This does compromise the “No Secondary Waste” benefit of dry ice blasting but in some applications itr can be very useful.

We can also supply the “CO2 Buddy” which are a must have safety item when working in confined spaces.

There is also a comprehensive range of nozzles, crushers and attachments to complete you Intelblast system. Talk to us today for a comprehensive quote on all your requirements for your Dry Ice Blasting application.