Blasting Accessories

We can assist with all the additional accessories that you may require.
There is a comprehensive range of nozzles, crushers, and attachments to complete your Intelblast system.

Intelblast Accessories and Nozzles

It is not always necessary to have the maximum cleaning power/speed. Dry ice blasting is beneficial in cleaning both sensitive surfaces and hard robust surfaces such as bitumen trucks.
For example: The IBL 3000 blaster and the hoses are built for pressures up to 15 bar. Higher pressures enable the removal of deposits that have a greater adherence to the surface.
More air equals quicker cleaning. However, lower airflow leads to savings in diesel/electricity consumption and more reduces the need for larger and expensive compressors.
Balancing, speed, airflow, and cleaning needs is a complex process and require a thorough assessment.
Intelblast has a range of Long, Wide, short, and curved nozzles for the full ice blaster range, as well as a crusher for delicate cleaning.

Other Accessories

IBLmix – Abrasive/Dry Ice Kit

A great new addition to the Intelblast range.

The IBLmix allows for the additional mixing of various abrasive materials into the air stream at the blasting nozzle.

This unit is only designed to work with the IBLmini but by adding a small percentage of abrasive to the stream of dry ice you are able

The IBLmix abrasive module works by mixing abrasive material (e.g., crushed glass, Soda, garnet etc.) into your dry ice stream. This can assist in the removal of paint, graffiti, rust, epoxy, and other such contaminants.

The module attaches to an IBLmini and the abrasive is loaded and stored in the abrasive hopper separate from the dry ice. The mix of abrasive into the airflow is controlled by a simple gate valve and a little experimenting is required to achieve the desired result.

The system produces a clean, satin finish to a SA 2½ specification. The target surface will not be pitted or gouged due to the low kinetic energy and is excellent for Non-Destructive Testing (NDT), unlike the high energy impact and damage produced by straight sand or grit blasting.

The best results are generally obtained by adding 15% to 20% abrasive to the dry ice stream. This mix generates minimal dust pollution and abrasive usage.


We can supply suitable aftercoolers which are advisable to be used as another way of reducing moisture from your compressed air supply.

Most mobile diesel compressors supplied will have built-in after coolers however we strongly recommend the use of a standalone cooler with filters be used close to the Blaster.

In high-humidity locations, airborne water is your greatest enemy and can severely damage your blaster and adversely affect your dry ice.
Talk to us about a solution today.

CO2 Buddy CO2 detection device


Worried about CO2 exposure? An Analox CO2 buddy is a great solution to ensure each member of your team is safe, while on the go, especially in confined areas.

Carbon dioxide (CO2) is a tasteless, odourless gas that can pose potential risks for humans who may not even be aware they have been exposed.
The CO2BUDDY is ideal for workers who operate in multiple locations or who move products from one area to another throughout the day.

The different areas and locations could produce exposure to various levels of CO2. Workers entering these different environments can be susceptible to CO2 exposure without even knowing it.

Lightweight, portable, and highly effective, the CO2BUDDY is one of the smallest and lightest personal CO2 monitors available today. Designed with user comfort and convenience in mind, the unit can be clipped to a shirt pocket, belt or lanyard with little interference with the monitoring process.

Very simple to operate, the user can select the pre-configured alarm set points which all feature a TWA (Time Weighted Average) alarm, continuously monitoring the environment over an 8-hour period.

The environmentally friendly CO2BUDDY features a rechargeable battery that can easily last a minimum of 48 hours on a single charge. The unit is designed to be charged overnight or during off-hours, virtually eliminating the need for service returns or battery replacements.

This advanced monitor is also extremely durable, offering long-lasting sensor life and reliable personal monitoring for virtually anyone who may encounter CO2 during their day.