Welding Cells


Critical Process Cleaning to the Automated Manufacturing Industry.

Regular maintenance of automated production equipment increases the volume and quality required from manufacturing industries. Automated systems are now more efficient than ever, lighter, faster and don’t require visits to the rest room. To that end it is essentialthat a bespoke intergrated cleaning and preventitive maintenance program is in place and monitored, to extend the life and service of your assets.

Difficult contaminants produced during production could be , but not limited to, Grease, Carbon, Weld slag, Weld splatter, Resign, Glue & Chemicals.

All of the above if not regularly removed will build up in and around automated equipment  damaging wrist axis joints, clamps and grippers, locating pins and part present sensors. When equipment fails your very expensive technician will have to remove the build-up of slag/dirt before any repair work can be completed (extending equipment down-time.)

Before - Welding Cells Manufacturing Industry Dry Ice Cleaning
After - Manufacturing Industry Cleaning
Before Manufacturing Industry Dry Ice Cleaning
After Manufacturing Industry Dry Ice Cleaning

All automated equipment benefits from a “NO CONTACT CLEANING SYSTEM”. Lightweight materials used to manufacture Gun Heads, Grippers and Tooling Stations are damaged by traditional methods of slag and debris removal. Dry Ice provides for the removal of problem causing contaminants without damage to the equipment.

Dry Ice Cleaning eliminates scrapping, chiseling, hammering and the use of toxic chemical cleaners. efficiency is increased due to Grippers, Welding Guns, locating Pins and tooling stations working as if new. When break-downs do occur, engineers can isolate and repair defective equipment quickly without having to remove difficult weld slag.

Dry Ice Cleaning
Dry Ice Cleaning
Dry Ice Cleaning

Cleaning with a Natural Substance

Dry Ice Blasting uses Dry Ice Pellets made from the same substance used to carbonate beverages. This method does not generate secondary waste as does asnd, soda, water, or grit cleaning. Dry Ice Blasting also replaces chemical and solvent cleaning.

Safe on Electrical

This versatile process cleans heavy build-up  without damage to sensitive areas like electrical components, switches, wiring, photo electric sensors and more.

A thorough, Deeper Clean

Since Dry Ice Pellets manage to reach every nook and corner of the equipment it cleans more deeply and effectively.

No Damage

Dry Ice Blasting is completely dry, non-abrasive, Non-toxic and Non-corrosive. It quickly removes most contaminants without damage to switches, panels, lines, tubes, wiring or belts, HVAC equipment and is safe to use on electrical.

No Down Time.

The process is very fast and dray. The Dry Ice disappears on contact and can the process can be performed on-line without the need to disassembly and with no need for drying time.

How Does Dry Ice Blasting Clean?

The Dry Ice Pellets are propelled at supersonic speed by compressed air. Upon impact, the Dry Ice creates a “micro-thermal shock” (caused by the extreme cold of the pellet @ -79.5° C), which breaks the bond between the coating and the substrate. The high-pressure air stream removes the dirt from the surface and the Dry Ice pellets vapourise (sublimate) before your eyes.