Vehicle Restoration and Detailing

Dry Ice Blasting is fast becoming the cleaning method of choice in car restoration.

Polar Blasting is revolutionary in the restoration and detailing of vehicles reaching areas that were previously very difficult to clean and restore

Polar Blasting can restore certain parts of the vehicle, such as alloys, by removing oxidation.

There are many applications for the use of Dry Ice Blasting when used for the cleaning and preparation work involved in automotive restoration.

Under car Cleaning

Because of its non-abrasive properties, Dry ice is an ideal medium for the removal of grime build-up, oil, grease and sprayed on sound and rust proofing mediums.

Interior cleaning – Upholstery & Dash

Used at reduced pressures and application with wider nozzles, a softer clean can be achieved which will clean in hard to reach areas without the use of water, harsh chemicals or abrasives.

Preparation for painting & rust removal

Dry Ice Blasting is not widely used for paint & rust removal, as it is primarily a cleaning system, rather than a surface preparation system, but with the addition of a small percentage of abrasive a good surface preparation can be achieved ,without the dust and secondary waste, normally associated with traditional blasting methods . The Polar Plus unit allows you to feed 15-20% of abrasive material (crushed glass) into the airflow. This is fed into the blast nozzle and adds a degree of abrasion to the Dry Ice steam.


Engine bay cleaning

You will be amazed at the clean that be achieved in engine bays without the risks normally associated with high pressure water cleaning. Safe on electrical and no secondary waste, it is an ideal way to restore dirty tired looking engine bays.