Rentals – Short or Long Term

Rentals – Short or Long Term

We can supply complete dry Ice blasting equipment hire & provide you with training. We can also organise to have Polar dry ice pellets delivered to site, so you always have continuity on the job site.

Whether it’s one day, one week, one month or even a year, we can work with you to provide a blasting solution tailored to your needs.

Renting and using a dry ice blaster is very easy. Renting is ideal for companies who only need dry ice cleaning for holiday shutdowns or for cleaning contractors who often experience a high number of projects at unpredictable times.

Rental is a perfect way to “Try Before You Buy”. It is a great opportunity to try our technology and decide if it is the correct fit for you. We can provide training and video instructions on how to best use the machine by optimising the choice of nozzle and settings of both dry ice consumption and pressure.

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Demo of an underbody clean at our premises - Caloundra 2021.
Cleaning with Dry Ice

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