The weight and size may be small, but the power is outstanding.

An easy to handle abrasive blaster to be used with practically all blasting media such as granite, garnet, glass, soda etc.

With a weight of only 22 kg, it is the ideal tool for working in difficult to reach areas and for surface cleaning, graffiti removal, restoration work, rust removal and other paint preparation projects.

Only the highest standard of components are used including the industrial Saunders valve for long and trouble-free operation. A specially designed conical outlet of the hopper ensures that no material will be left along the sides of the hopper, which assures not only a continuous uninterrupted flow of blast media, but also that the hopper can be completely emptied when a change of blast media is required.

A special water blast nozzle system can be added to introduce water in the blasting process, which will reduce any airborne particles around the area to be cleaned. Almost dustless blasting.

The enICEco FUTURO 10 Abrasive Blaster can achieve convincing results with smaller compressors using as little air as only 500 L/min, the type of Compressor typically found in most workshops.

• Handy 10 liter abrasive blaster for mobile use
• Filter/pressure regulator with manometer
• Pneumatic valve for quick depressurizing
• Pneumatic dead-man switch
• Saunders fine-tuning valve
• Standard blast nozzle 3 / 3,5 / 4 / 4,5 mm
• Pneumatic main air valve
• Conical outlet design of hopper
• Filling funnel with lid
• 3 m blasting hose ½ “(13 x 5 mm)
• Mini-rotation blast nozzle with nozzle head 1/2/3 or 4 mm, 15 degree rotation body, with or without re-rinsing nozzle
• Dry and wet blasting
• Pressure range from 0,5-6 bar

W x L x H: 40x36x90 cm
Weight: 22 kg
Minimum air required: 500 L/min


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