INTELblast IBLMini Dry Ice Blaster


Compact and affordable machine for low air flow compressors
The IBL Mini is the ideal choice for those companies, who would like to have the opportunity to clean small parts and surfaces, without having the usual constraint for a high air-flow compressor. Daily maintenance on processing equipment and electronics or the occasional cleaning of parts is easily carried out with the IBLmini.

Air requirements
One of the most important benefits of the IBL Mini (besides it’s price) is that it is designed to function using plant air supply. Most factories only have compressors that generate 7 bar (100 PSI)and an air volume of 500 to 3000 litres/min (18-105 cfm) available which for most cleaning jobs with the IBLmini should be sufficient to achieve the desired result. Almost no noise, Being able to dry ice blast in an area where other people are
working can be done with an IBLmini. Operating at sound levels as low as 75 dB makes it possible to work even without hearing protection.

Nozzles and blast hose
The standard 3 and 5 mm flat aluminum nozzles are machined for low air flow and together with the lightweight 3 meter ½ inch blast hose, the operator has an easy to handle set-up. To achieve the optimum cleaning performance for air consumption less than 1000 L/min, then the flat 3 mm nozzle should be used and the dry ice pellet size should be 2,2 mm or smaller. If using the 3 mm industry standard dry ice pellets then the 5 mm flat nozzle should be used.

Dry ice consumption can be regulated from 10 to 30 kg/hour and the blast pressure can be adjusted between 2 to 12 bar.

Easy to transport, manoeuvre and store
Weighing only 29 kgs and dimensions of 550 x 480 x 895 mm the machine can easily be lifted into a car or stored on a shelf. Equipped with wheels and holder for the blast hose, rolling it to the point of use is an effortless task.

Technical data
Height (with handle in lowest position): 610 mm
Height (with handle in highest position): 895 mm
Width: 480 mm
Depth: 550 mm
Weight: 29 kg
Dry ice hopper capacity: 8 kg
Dry ice consumption: 10 to 30 kgs/hour
Air requirements: 2 to 12 bar
Dry ice size (3 mm flat nozzle): 2,2 mm or smaller
Dry ice size (5 mm flat nozzle): 3,0 mm or smaller