We sell, Intelblast Dry Ice blasters, Pelletisers, Dry Ice, Dry Ice blasting accessories and Air Compressors, for all your Dry Ice Cleaning needs.

All Intelblast Machines are constructed from Stainless steel and all components are from top international suppliers such as FESTO and SIEMENS.

Dry Ice Blaster

A compact and affordable machine for low air flow compressors.

Dry Ice Blaster Accessories

We can assist with all the additional accessories that you may require.


In house production of high density dry ice pellets offers many advantages.

Compressors & Air

Compressed air is an essential requirement of your Dry Ice Cleaning solution.

Dry Ice Supplies & Accessories

We can supply all your Dry Ice requirements from 3mm Blasting Pellets, 8mm pellets for...

Cleaning with Dry Ice

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