Industrial Cleaning

Why use Dry Ice Blasting for Industrial Cleaning?

Dry Ice blasting is an integral part of any industrial cleaning business, as where other cleaning methods, are mostly solvent or water-based, Dry Ice blasting is a dry process, leading to no secondary waste.

Dry Ice Blasting is completely dry, non-abrasive, non-toxic and non-corrosive.

Due to the very high pressure and high volume of air used for projecting the dry ice pellets, this process gets into the “nooks & crannies” to give a very effective and deep clean.

You’ll be amazed at the result that can be achieved.

It quickly removes most contaminants without damage to switches, panels, lines, tubes, wiring or belts and HVAC equipment. It is also excellent on conveyor systems.

Intelblast Dry ice Blasters come in 3 sizes, are versatile and adaptable to be put to work in most Industrial environments.

Paired with Sullair or Kaishan compressors or the customer’s factory air, Intelblast dry ice blasters make good business sense.

The Intelblast Range of equipment comes with various hoses and nozzles, making easy work of complex cleaning issues.