What are the applications for Dry Ice Cleaning in the Timber Processing Industry? Intelblast Dry Ice Cleaning machines can be used to clean a variety of equipment and the results can give higher efficiency and time savings. It can used to clean and restore valuable process equipment such as saws, motors, conveyors, and other processing machinery. Because it is completely dry, it is safe to use around sensitive equipment, switch boards and control panels



The process is completely dry, so that there is no secondary waste or clean–up of wet areas after the process is completed. The benefit of this being that electric motors, gearboxes, switchboards, and electronic components can all be safely cleaned with no damage to delicate or sensitive parts. No solvents, chemicals or detergents are used and there is no need for scraping or wiping. Applications would include machinery in sawmills, conveyor belts, paper processing machines as well as many workshop items. Dry Ice Cleaning helps avoid dirt and grease build up and, in many cases, cleaning can be done while machines are running. TALK TO US TO BUY OR RENT A MACHINE OR WE CAN CONTRACT TO CARRY OUT PERIODIC CLEANS TO KEEP YOUR VALUABLE EQUIPMENT IN OPTRIMAL CONDITION.