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INTELBlast Dry ice blasting equipment for the professional user.

INTELBlast have taken the most advanced technology and decades of user experience into creating an unprecedented strong and user-friendly range of dry ice blasters. Attention is on trouble-free operation with maximum cleaning performance. Try the magic!

For almost 50 years Dry Ice blasting has been used in industries that require gentle but effective cleaning without the use of chemicals or water.

Since DRY ICE BLASTING is not adding any material that needs to be collected, it thereby gives the cleaning operator the ability to reach and clean areas and parts that normally only can be done by hand.

DRY ICE BLASTING offers cleaning without a mess. No use of water or chemicals. No destruction of surfaces.

We are servicing and supplying a wide range of industries, which all benefit from the environmental and non abrasive solutions provided by cleaning with DRY ICE.

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How Does Dry Ice Blasting Clean?

The Dry Ice Pellets are propelled at supersonic speed by compressed air. Upon impact, the Dry Ice creates a “micro-thermal shock” (caused by the extreme cold of the pellet @ -79.5° C), which breaks the bond between the coating and the substrate. The high-pressure air stream removes the dirt from the surface and the Dry Ice pellets vapourise (sublimate) before your eyes.