Dry Ice Cleaning can offer you a cost effective means to clean all sorts of facilities and machinery.

Sometimes it does not justify the outlay of capital to purchase the necessary equipment and provide the correct training of your staff in the operation of the equipment.

This is where a well qualified and experienced contractor can take care of everything for you. A quality contractor will organise the on-time delivery of the correct amount of Dry Ice, supply the correct size compressor to do the job in the most effective way possible and supply knowledgeable operators to complete the work on time.

We have experienced, capable contractors who use our equipment who would be happy to quote any job you have that requires Dry Ice Cleaning.

Call us now to discuss your requirements or contact one of our experienced team directly.

M & R Ecoblast

CO2 Dry Ice Cleaning – Sunshine Coast, Qld.

Contact: Hugh Fagan

P: 1800 437 942      E: hughfagan@co2.com.au


F n B Blasting – Melbourne Metro, Vic.     

Contact: Fredrick Van Der Westhuizen

M: 0491 065 644      E: fredvdw75@gmail.com

How Does Dry Ice Blasting Clean?

The Dry Ice Pellets are propelled at supersonic speed by compressed air. Upon impact, the Dry Ice creates a “micro-thermal shock” (caused by the extreme cold of the pellet @ -79.5° C), which breaks the bond between the coating and the substrate. The high-pressure air stream removes the dirt from the surface and the Dry Ice pellets vapourise (sublimate) before your eyes.