Compressed air is an essential requirement to your Dry Ice Cleaning solution. An essential part of your compressed air supply is the quality of the air.It is important to life of your Dry Ice Blaster and quality of the job being performed that the air is clean and dry.

Always use a compressor fitted with an “After- Cooler” and a particulate filter to remove Diesel contaminants that can be delivered by the compressor. This is more of a problem if older style compressors are used.

If an older compressor is used then we strongly recommend the use of an “In-Line” condenser and filter. We use and recommend the “SULLAIR” range of compressors because of their attention to the delivery of Clean & Dry air.

Because of this we have partnered with “SULLAIR” so we can offer you a complete solution at an affordable price. We can put together a total package match to your requirements all in a simple finance package. Talk to us today for a competitive quote.