POLAR PLUS – Mixed Media Blasting

The Polar Plus abrasive module works by mixing abrasive material (e.g. glass beads/Moon Dust) into your dry ice stream. This can assist in the removal of  paint, graffiti, rust, epoxy, and other such contaminants. The module is self standing and the abrasive is loaded and stored in the abrasive hopper separate from the dry ice. The mix of abrasive into the air-flow is controlled by a simple gate valve and a little experimenting is required to achieve the desired result. The system produces a clean, satin finish to a SA 2½ specification. The target surface will not be pitted or gouged due to the low kinetic energy and is excellent for Non-Destructive Testing (NDT), unlike the high energy impact and damage produced by straight sand or grit blasting. The best results are generally obtained by adding 15% to 20% abrasive to the dry ice stream. This mix generates minimal dust pollution and abrasive usage.

Abrasive Blasting

Abrasive Blasters