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Exploring the Origins of Polar Blasting: How It Came About

Polar Blasting Systems is a business that I established in 2016, for the purpose of, importing and distributing, Intelblast Dry Ice Blasting equipment. We are a small customer-orientated business, based in Queensland.

The focus of Polar Blasting Systems is to supply specialised Dry Ice cleaning solutions to a range of industries, with an emphasis, on the innovative use of Dry Ice Blasting. We aim to be a complete one-stop dry ice blasting shop, supplying all that is needed for dry ice blasting, under one roof.

I am a passionate believer in the benefits of Dry Ice Blasting and aim to provide effective cost-effective solutions to my customer’s challenges, using this amazing technology.

I would love to make contact with you to discuss the various applications of this technology & to see if we can provide you with the outcomes you are seeking.

Richard Hilton
0411 033 363

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